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We provide reliable and valuable services and solutions to multinational corporations.

SPLUNK Software Conslutants

Why CPU Ltd?

With over 30 years in the IT sector, we have worked with many leading blue chip companies in a diverse range of industries and have a vast experience in multi application software integration and automation.

Whether you are a small business or multinational company, we have the knowledge & solutions that you need for your projects.

Our Key Attributes.

Regardless of project size, we can assist you in your venture.

ELK software consultants

SC Security Cleared

Providing utmost discretion and security. With us, your project will be in safe, secure hands.

SPLUNK software consultants

Highly Experienced

With 30+ years experience in the industry, we can provide consultation & solutions on a range of applications and software.

SPLUNK software consultants


With expertise in C, C++, Java, Unix & Shell, we’ll provide modern, clean written code and worthwhile solutions.

We provide world class solutions.

We have experience in a diverse range of industries.

From banking to defense and telecoms to medical.


An international reach.

Our service is relied on by a global client base, including some of the largest international corporations.


Architecture, design and implementation of production SPLUNK systems.


Kafka front end queuing, complex Logstash configuration using Kibana.


Java, JavaScript, C, C++, UNIX Shell (all flavours).

Big Data

Experience with systems typically ingesting 100GB data per day.

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