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Software consultancy

With 30 years experience in the industry, we have gained a vast knowledge of various software and have the skills to assist you with your objectives

We have experience in a variety of industries

  • IT Consultancy
  • Banking
  • Telecoms
  • Defense
  • Scientific & Medical
  • Financial
  • Logistics


Many years of experience in automating IT systems and applications, from scripted solutions to consultancy on products such as BMC Atrium Orchestrator, BMC Bladelogic Server Automation.


Experience of bringing together component sub-systems to work together as one functioning system.


Experienced in architecture, design and implementation of production SPLUNK systems, typically ingesting 100GB data per day. Design and implementation of SPLUNK dashboards for use in Operation Centres. Experienced in the use of IT Service Intelligence SPLUNK app, and the use of glass tables and machine learning.


Experienced in architecture, design and implementation of production ELK systems, including Kafka front end queuing, complex Logstash configuration and versatile dashboard solutions using Kibana visualisations and Canvas dashboards.


Experienced in the leading products and techniques used in hardware, software and application monitoring, including web synthetic monitoring techniques


Many years consulting experience with Bladelogic Server Automation, BMC Discovery, Atrium Orchestrator (ADDM)

Software Development

Experienced in most legacy and modern languages, including Java, JavaScript, C, C++, UNIX Shell (all flavours)

System Architecture

Software & system architecture - Design & implementation


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